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May 7, 2015

No Plot…

Lately I’ve been reading ‘No Plot, No Problem,’ by Chris Baty, the lunatic who started Nanowrimo. I’m not sure I agree 100% with the implied premise, that I ought to simply apply ass to chair and start typing. I’ve done that before and I think a little planning and forethought will save a lot of post-first draft ditch digging. I think Baty might actually agree with me because, despite the title, he sort of advocates a month of trying to map out your ideas so that you begin at least knowing something about your characters and where they might be going. The book has served as motivation though, a sort of ‘get off your ass and get going’ kick in the pants. I have tried Nano a time or two, at least in my own rule-averse fashion, and I have begun my month of planning. Next month we’ll see where it goes.

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