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Self isolating is my middle name

For me, there is one benefit to all this staying at home: I am getting a lot of work done. I have gone back to writing my first draft longhand, on legal pads, and I have to say I should have never gotten away from it. It feels so natural to me that it makes everything much easier. I realize that it might cost me some time, I have to sit here and type the thing into my manuscript when I’m done, but it just seems to work better.

Another thing I’m trying, and which seems to be working, I think about the scene I’m about to write for a while, and then I sketch out, on paper, what I’m trying to do with the scene, along with any specific language I want to use, and I am liking how that feels. So, when I’m done with this, we’ll see if any of this retro shite made any real difference.

So keep safe, everybody, wash yo hands. And remember what Jimmy Kimmel says, you need to wear pants at least a couple of hours every day.

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