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Step Two

I heard that you lived high on this ridge
that you were seen
drifting through that valley behind
fog damp on your face
but I think those people
are the same ones who saw Elvis
I guess it’s one of those viewpoint things
then there was this guy
hawking your wares door to door
or were they his
and legions
your sons and daughters
calling each other illegitimate
Yankee fans and Mets fans
in their separate stadiums
because that’s where their fathers went
the uniforms look alike
to me, at least
a collar and a chalice
incense and greasepaint
a guy on TV Sunday morning
worrying about what I watch
the rest of the week
steeples and stone altars
cathedrals and temples
were always intended
for crowd control
and social order
but once with eyes closed I felt
embraced by the divine
I may have heard someone chuckle
I thought I heard some
deep voice
you’ll be all right

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