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Some Girls

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Alexandra Martillo is the main character in two of my books:  Sick Like That and The Last Gig.  I’ve received many compliments about how I portrayed her, me being a guy and all. Truth is, I find women so much more interesting to write.  They are complex characters.  As main characters in many novels men have three basic profiles: fighters, fuckers, and thieves.  Women, on the other hand, are deliciously rich in complexity.  The cardinal rule of showing instead of telling in writing really gets a workout with a female protagonist.  Women are more verbal than men. However,writing a woman, you have to get your showmanship on.  You have to walk around in her skin.  See what she sees.  Feel what she feels.  It sounds kinky but it’s really difficult if you want your lady to come across authentic and not like a cartoon character.  Alex is a dynamite lady. I miss her.  My agent wants me to develop her as a series character so, I have to get back together with her soon and see where’s she is headed. To be continued.


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