“As a fresh face in the hard-boiled crime fiction sweepstakes, Green is carving out a niche for himself with his piercing portraits of men trapped by their tainted pasts.” — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY “Green writes about mobster families with a knowledge that is unnerving in its intimacy. Here he extends that empathy to…those ghosts who live to haunt the streets of a depressed city.” — MARILYN STASIO, NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW “As in his dark debut …Green presents a cast of folks who talk like Elmore Leonard but live in a reeking urban hell right out of George P. Pelecanos—along with their sense of grim fatalism in the face of impossible odds.” — KIRKUS REVIEWS “A powerful debut from a gifted new writer. It’s got the narrative drive of a thriller, the unflinching reality of a literary novel and characters that come alive and stay with you after the story is finished. You get the feeling that Norman Green could go anywhere from here.” — T. JEFFERSON PARKER, BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF LAGUNA HEAT AND SILENT JOE “ Norman Green writes with a voice that bites like razor wire. A gritty, dark and totally original debut.” — HARLAN COBEN, AUTHOR OF TELL NO ONE AND DARKEST FEAR “Norman Green has an original voice that takes us into the edgy shadows of human nature.” — ROBERT CRAIS, NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF HOSTAGE “Shooting Dr. Jack is a stunner. Like Richard Price, Norman Green brings an uncanny bare-knuckle vivacity to his portrayal of life on the streets. Compelling.” — JEFFERY DEAVER, AUTHOR OF THE BLUE NOWHERE “…a self-assured debut…will invite comparisons to Elmore Leonard.” — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY “An indelibly etched mood piece…” — KIRKUS REVIEWS “Can this guy write! Fast-paced with complex, interesting characters, this is one terrific debut novel.” — RIDLEY PEARSON, BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF NO WITNESS “Fast, stylish, and morally centered, SHOOTING DR. JACK is an auspicious debut from a gifted writer who wears his rough edges proudly.” — FLORIDA NEWS-PRESS “Green tells an emotionally provocative story while keeping readers on edge with suspense.” — SOUTH BEND TRIBUNE “Gritty, dark and totally original debut.” — HARLAN COBEN, AUTHOR OF TELL NO ONE AND DARKEST FEAR “Norman Green sketches such indelible portraits…the reader is drawn in.” — NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW “A heart-catching novel of perception and intelligence. The language is fresh and poignant. With its moody underpinnings and subtle redemptions, Green’s book is a powerful and emotional story.” — PERRI O’SHAUGHNESSY, NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF MOVE TO STRIKE

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