Stoney, Fat Tommy and Tuco, who sizzled in Green’s debut (Shooting Dr. Jack, 2001), are back in a torrid sequel.

The heroes are thieves, but thieves with heart, a sense of honor and, this time, problems that have little to do with illegal acquisition. Stoney is in a fragile state after eight months on the wagon. He’s waiting to meet Marisa, the 17-year-old daughter he hasn’t seen for some time. He doesn’t know why she’s asked for the meeting, but he fears recriminations. It turns out that a shark named Charles David Prior, an ex–Special Forces type who has killed in virtually every contemporary combat zone, has been stalking Marisa. Prior is exceedingly dangerous and extravagantly rich, having lifted spoils of one kind or another from most of those combat zones. Now Stoney has two complementary goals: to protect Marisa and to hit Prior where he thinks it will hurt the most—his bank account. Aided by Fat Tommy and young Tuco, Stoney mounts a sting that has ancient roots, though with a contemporary twist or two. Will the shark bite? If he does, is Stoney absolutely sure they can avoid his teeth?

High-octane entertainment from an author who understands wonderfully well the unfailing relationship between sustaining suspense and making you care about his characters.   –KIRKUS REVIEWS

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