“As a fresh face in the hard-boiled crime fiction sweepstakes, Green is carving out a niche for himself with his piercing portraits of men trapped by their tainted pasts.” — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY “Green writes about mobster families with a knowledge that is unnerving in its intimacy. Here he extends that empathy to…those ghosts who live to haunt the streets of a depressed city.” — MARILYN STASIO, NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW “As in his dark debut …Green presents a cast of folks who talk like Elmore Leonard but live in a reeking urban hell right out of George P. Pelecanos—along with their sense of grim fatalism in the face of impossible odds.” — KIRKUS REVIEWS “Norman Green’s The Angel on Montague Street is exactly what a hard-boiled mystery should be. Gritty and focused. Well-defined characters and witty dialogue intricate to the story’s flow.  Suspense and action with a splash of romance. It’s in there. Witty noir dialogue and narrative allows The Angel of Montague Street to move at its own perfect pace. Norman Green’s writing style lets him mix genres effectively, from the literary to the hard-boiled thriller.” PHILLIP TOMASSO, III (For

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