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Welcome back…!  Wherever you’ve been since you last stopped by my site, I’ve been there already, and like I heard a guy from Maine say once: “I can tell you all about it and save you the trip!”  But seriously, while you were away (from my site), I have glorious news. Harper-Collins bought all the rights to my books from St Martins Press and they will be my exclusive publisher.  They are also going to publish my latest novel, “Shadow of a Thief”.  How cool is that?  More will be revealed. Right here on this site. So, you better visit me more often.

For those of you who have been following my blogs, I love hearing from you when you have feedback about what I have written.  Being a writer who likes to eat, pay my bills on time, take a vacation once in awhile…you get the idea…I have a day job that kinda interferes with my writing career.  Therefore, when I am in between book projects I display my talents here.  For those who are visiting me here for the first time I have 6 published novels that have been nominated for Edgar awards and a Shamus award.  The operative word is “nominated” but hey, I ain’t complaining.   “Shadow of a Thief” will be my seventh novel and as I said, it is coming out soon.

My blogs are somewhat irregular but cover everything from what I am reading right now to what I am writing right now, things in the news that get me agitated, people in the news that get me agitated, and many other things in between! Check them out under Recent Posts on the right hand side of this page or click on Posts below.  If you are viewing my site on a Smartphone, you need to get a life.  Just kidding.  You know what to do….scrolll….scrolll….scroll, because there ain’t no app for that.